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Where are all the cause campaigns?



An article last month from VolunteerMatch discusses the incredible impact cause-related ads could have during premiere events such as the Super Bowl. Aside from that particular sporting event, the points of the article hold true: Major awards ceremonies and sporting events not only garner huge viewerships, but see exponential increases in sharing via social media. If companies were to launch purposeful campaigns during such events, the publicity would be enormous. But it seems that not many are. What’s your opinion? Why, in the face of increasing evidence that consumers expect businesses to give back, aren’t companies leveraging these ripe opportunities? From the article:

A Great Opportunity

In addition to the demonstrated interest of consumers in cause-friendly companies, there’s another factor that makes cause marketing campaigns, particularly during the Super Bowl, such a great opportunity for companies: Social media.

Were you counting how many commercials during the game featured a special hashtag, QR code or Facebook Page? I wasn’t, but I know it was a lot. This is because companies know that social media is a revolutionary tool to create sustained engagement and brand awareness beyond a 30-second ad spot.

Imagine the awareness and impact that could be built if the power of social media was combined with the viewing magnitude of the Super Bowl to launch cause campaigns.

“It is no longer enough to slap a ribbon on a product. It must be authentic, long-term and participatory,” said Carol Cone, Global Vice Chair, Edelman Business and Social Purpose. “Americans are seeking deeper involvement in social issues and expect brands and companies to provide various means of engagement.” According to Edelman’s goodpurpose study, 40% of 18 to 24-year-olds would help promote a socially responsible brand via Facebook and Twitter.

Imagine if next year, more brands join Bud Light in connecting their Super Bowl ad campaigns with a cause. Imagine if the millions of people watching all over the country during this one event learned a dozen, or even two dozen, ways to support a cause they care about. That would be pretty great, right?

So again, my question is: Where are all the Super Bowl cause campaigns?

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