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Managing Your New Year’s Resolutions



An article from Business Week that came out on Christmas Day argued that the best way to keep your new year’s resolutions is to make them in August, as data demonstrates that August, not January, sees the highest success rate. That said, we don’t think that’s any reason to abandon the tradition, but rather presents an opportunity to assess how we can improve our success rates for the other eleven months.

Multiple studies show that resolution failure stems from feeling obligated, unrealistic expectations, and a lack of accountability. So, this weekend, we encourage you to  set feasible, realistic resolutions for your personal life and your business, and we’ve compiled a list of sites that will help you meet your goals.

Highlighted in the aforementioned Business Week article, offers an array of measures to hold you accountable, from appointing a “referee” (a friend or family member) to check in on your progress to putting money on the line. You can even choose an “anti-charity,” that is, a cause you’re against. Better meet those goals, or you’ll end up supporting your rival. Of note, the website also offers corporate and institutional solutions.

If, unlike, you think you would fare better with a stranger encouraging you, well, there’s a website for that as well. Enter Start A Resolution, which pairs you up with a “coach”, i.e. the person who signed up before you. In return, you’ll coach the stranger who signed up after you.

This site provides software to help you manage and track your resolutions, breaking down goals into smaller, achievable steps and tracking the time spent on each objective. In this way, the service becomes a lifestyle management tool that demonstrates your concrete progress. For your business goals, be sure to check out

Do you have trouble sticking to your resolutions? Have you had significant success with an online tool or mobile app? Leave a comment below!

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