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By Allison Goldberg

This week, we’re giving you AND your bosses a reason to catch more sleep (you’re welcome) and sharing inspirational stories all the way from India to North Carolina.

Lack of Sleep Leads to Unethical Conduct

“People who cheated in an experiment had slept an average of 22.39 minutes less the night before than noncheaters, according to research led by Christopher M. Barnes of Virginia Tech. The study, in which cheaters overreported their scores on a test in order to gain financial advantage, shows that low levels of sleep are associated with unethical behavior. Managers who demand results that require employees to stay up late and miss sleep may be increasing the likelihood that workers will fudge results and engage in other forms of cheating, the researchers suggest. “

Sleep in tomorrow.

Indian Village Changes Its Name to Nagar [PICS]

SnapDeal’s founder Kunal Bahl wanted to do something good with his company’s burgeoning profits, so … the 28-year-old CEO looked for an opportunity where he could have the most bang for the buck…He found out that a mere $5,000 would install 15 hand pumps that would make it so the villagers wouldn’t have to walk nearly two miles just to get clean water…The villagers were so grateful for the pumps distributed throughout the city, they decided to change the name of their village, formerly known as Shiv Nagar (named after the Hindu god Shiva), to Nagar.”

Bahl reportedly said that the experience was “life-changing.” Granted, the name change is a little awkward, but will this inspire other entrepreneurs to act?

Ten-year-old takes on KFC for destroying US forests

“Cole Rasenberger’s quest to save forests in the US South started as a school assignment to ‘be an activist’ about something important to him. However, after learning from Dogwood Alliance that coastal forests in North Carolina are being destroyed to make throw-away paper packaging for big fast food companies—such as McDonalds and KFC—Cole Rasenberger, at the age of 8, became more than an activist; he became an environmental leader! He started by targeting McDonalds directly. With the help of 25 friends, and his elementary school administration, he got every student in his school to sign postcards to McDonalds. In all, Cole sent 2,250 postcards to McDonalds.”

Watch their story here:

[youtube video=]

“Not long after receiving the postcards, McDonalds announced it would soon be switching their bags to 100 percent recycled paper. ” KFC has yet to make any changes; what can you do to help join the fight?

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